Firm Profile

Anne-Marie and I enjoy and take pride in representing competent employees and individuals who have been subjected to illegal treatment. Despite our size, we have repeatedly and successfully represented individuals against some of the biggest companies and the biggest law firms in the country. We are creative, determined and experienced and have been recognized by our peers as among the best in the area of employment law.

We recognize that there is very little that is intuitive or obvious about the legal process. We do our best to explain the process to our clients and provide them with objective advice at all stages of the litigation so that they can make informed decisions. We also understand that the process can be daunting and we try to be supportive and accessible.

Below are some of the questions our clients most commonly ask about our firm before they decide to have us represent them:

What kind of clients do you usually represent?
The majority of our work is on behalf of individuals who have been wronged by illegal action on the part of their employer.  However, we take pride in representing several companies who are committed to strictly adhering to the law and who treat their employees with respect but who nevertheless find they need help. We believe our experience on the “other side of the fence” makes us especially good at spotting and solving problems for such employers. If the problem is one that needs to be solved through settlement, we will tell you rather than running up fees.

One of the difficult things for us in our area of practice is that we see a lot of good, competent people who have been treated unfairly by their employer but for whom the law provides no remedy. Only certain types of employer conduct are illegal and there is nothing we can do about employer mistreatment that is unfair or discriminatory if it is not related to your being a member of a protected category, is not in violation of federal or state labor or wage laws, or is in not breach of an agreement you had with your employer.

What fee structure do you use?
We strive to keep our fees fair.  While we sometimes work on an hourly basis, we recognize that many people who have employment problems are facing financial difficulties because of those problems. Consequently, we take many cases on a contingent fee basis. This means, although you will have to pay for any costs for your case, you only have to pay attorneys fees if we recover something for you.

What is your philosophy on litigation?
While we are zealous advocates for our clients, we believe in treating opposing counsel and opposing parties with respect. If you are looking for an attorney who will be sneaky, rude or obstructionist, we are not for you.

We also don’t believe that litigation is or should be a lottery and are not interested in representing people who view it as such. Our goal is to provide zealous representation in pursuit of reasonable objectives. We do not take cases for people who insist on having their day in court. Trial is an expensive and risky process. If a case can be settled for an appropriate amount, and most are, we believe it should be settled.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Steve Connor