Pascual v. Zirx Class Action Settlement

This page contains information regarding the settlement reached in class action lawsuit Christina Pascual v. Zirx Consumer Services, Inc., Cause No. 2:15-cv-01923-JCC.

Settlement Agreement
The fully executed settlement agreement between Plaintiff Pascual and Defendant Zirx is available here:  Settlement Agreement

Notice of Settlement
A blank Notice of Settlement is available here:  Notice of Settlement.  These Notices were sent in the mail to each individual class member with member-specific information.  If you are a class member, you should receive a version of this document but including your specific information in the mail.  

Claim Form
A blank Claim Form is available here:  Claim Form.  Like the Notices, Claim Forms are being sent in the mail to each class member with member-specific information included.    

Order Preliminarity Approving Settlement, Authorizing Notice, and Setting Fairness Hearing
The Court order preliminarily approving the settlement is available here:  Order Approving